A Full-Time Designer & Part-Time Chicken Herder 🐓

Photograph: Portrait of Shawn holding a light colored chicken in his arm
Shawn Ingersoll
A Designer & Photographer in Milwaukie, Oregon. 16 years of creative experience through my freelance and in-house work at Fred Meyer, ENGIE and M Financial Group.​​​​​​​
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Outside of my Work
A father to three amazing boys, and husband to my best friend. Have grown up in the Portland area and am forever in love with the Pacific Northwest. Enjoy growing plants of all kinds, herding our colorful flock of backyard chickens, standing below old trees, and snapping photos on a variety of vintage cameras I've collected over the years.​​​​​​​
Photograph: Shawn and his wife Bonnie smiling at the camera with bookshelves in the background

My wife Bonnie and I 🥰

Photograph: three boys on a bench at a Plant Nursery

The boys at Portland Nursery 🪴

Sydney and the chickens back in 2019 🐓

I would describe myself as introverted and mostly quiet (but can be chatty around those I know well), introspective and analytical, down-to-earth, bit witty with a dry sense of humor, always curious, a visual thinker, honest, empathetic, and a good listener.​​​​​​​
My first Professional work as a creator was a small Photography business my wife Bonnie and I created while working through college. Inspired by my mentor Jelani and formed in the Fall of 2008, we mostly photographed Weddings, Families, Portraits, and Events around Portland up until 2014.
Hybrid Designer* & Photographer
​​​​​​​In 2014 I began looking for my first Designer role and landed at Fred Meyer as an Interactive Designer that August. After a reorg in 2015, I was brought on as a Graphic & Web Designer with ENGIE and their Utility Clients in May. In August of 2017 I left ENGIE to be a SAHP/Freelancer after the birth of our second (childcare is very expensive 😳), and later returned as an in-house Senior Digital Designer with M Financial Group in September of 2021. After my role was eliminated during the holiday season of 2023, I am currently working Freelance as I look for my next FT Designer Role.​​​​​​​
*A Designer that can understand and code front-end web development (i.e. HTML/CSS)
Skill Charts
A 2024 AIGA Portland Mentor
Photograph: Shawn standing for a selfie with Jessica

Jessica and I meeting IRL for the first time ✌️

I became a Mentor for the first time to a recent College Design graduate through the AIGA Portland Mentorship Program. The program ran from January to March. Was a great experience and one I hope to do again next year!
Looking for a Designer?
I am actively looking for my next FT in-house Designer role. Titles that relate to my experience include Digital Designer, Visual Designer, Graphic Designer, UI Designer, Web Designer, Multimedia Designer or Art Director role.
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