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Project Overview
About the Artist, Arvie Smith
"In an artistic career spanning over 4 decades, Arvie Smith transforms the history of oppressed and stereotyped segments of the American experience into lyrical two-dimensional master works. His paintings use common psychological images to reveal deep sympathy for the dispossessed and marginalized members of society in an unrelenting search for beauty, meaning, and equality. Smith’s work reflects powerful injustices and the will to resist and survive. His memories of growing up in the Jim Crow South add to his awareness of the legacy that the slavery of African Americans has left with all Americans today. His intention is to solidify the memory of atrocities and oppression so they will never be forgotten nor duplicated."
The Ask
To redesign a Portland-Based artists Portfolio web site to help better showcase their work. The site at the time was very basic and non-responsive.
Previous Website
Key Screenshots of Page
Previous Landing Page
Previous Landing Page
Previous Home Page
Previous Home Page
Previous Statement Page
Previous Statement Page
Previous Recent Collections Page
Previous Recent Collections Page
The Result
After a thorough review of the existing site I provided recommendations. One of the recommendations was to rebuild the site using a CMS, so we went with WordPress. From there I built out seven pages including showcasing Arvie's work, his background and approach, achievements and recognition, as well as general contact information.
Mockup Samples of Site
Programs & Platforms Used
Adobe Photoshop for Image Editing
WordPress for CMS Platform​​​​​​​
Oshine for Wordpress Theme

Project Contributors
Julie S. – Project Manager

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