TotalPass Time Clocks


General Overview
Work for this Client included a wide variety of print, digital, and photography work over a few years. IconTime had refreshed the look of their TotalPass Time Clocks and needed to both create new and update existing content.

Examples of Work:
• Product Brochures for their refreshed TotalPass Time Clock lineup
• Unboxing Video
• Updating WP Landing & Product Pages
• Web Optimized Product Images
​​​​​​​eCommerce Product pages for Amazon, Costco, and Office Depot
• Blog Posts
• Social Media Content
• Email Campaigns
TotalPass P400
TotalPass P600
TotalPass B600
TotalPass User Guides
Unboxing Video
Programs & Platforms Used
Adobe Photoshop for Image Editing
Adobe Illustrator for Illustration and Graphic Design
Adobe InDesign for Product Brochures, Fillable Forms and User Guides
Adobe Premiere and After Effects for Video Post-Production
​​​​​​​Wordpress & WooCommerce for eCommerce Site
Canon for Video & Image Capture
iStock Photo for Stock Images
Project Contributors
Bobby W. – Copywriter
Phil S. – 3D Product Design
Jake C. – Web Development
Trever F. – Project Marketing Manager
Tenzin Y. – Business Development Manager

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