2021 Holiday Page

M Financial Group

Project Overview
The Ask
Create a Holiday Card that could be sent to M's 100+ Member Firms. In past years there had been a Physical Card that was sent as well as a Video that was shared via email. Within these would be Member Firm achievements shared, however updates could not be made after send.
The Result
I came up with the idea to create the upcoming Holiday Card using a landing page. This would allow for last minute updates as well as post-send changes. I used the parallax effect from the Firewatch video game landing page as inspiration for above the fold.
Leveraging Webflow's CMS capabilities, I was able to streamline the adding of Member Firm Achievements to the page using a Collection.
Using provided design assets and art direction, I created a wireframe and prototype of the page, followed by the final responsive landing page build in Webflow. This included the scrolling parallax effect and on-screen load animations of the achievement tiles.
Member Firm's, M Employee's and Leadership loved the page.

Preview of the parallax effect applied

Key Screenshots of Page
Above the fold
Above the fold
Introduction and Holiday Video section
Introduction and Holiday Video section
Member Firm Milestones & Achievements section
Member Firm Milestones & Achievements section
In Memoriam section
In Memoriam section
Programs & Platforms Used
Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for Design Asset Production
Figma for Wireframe & Prototype
Webflow for Landing Page Build
Project Contributors
Katie M. – Art Direction & Graphic Design
Nick E. – Motion Animation & Video Production for the Season's Greetings Video 

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