PPL Electric Utility


While at ENGIE, I was the Lead Graphic & Web Designer for our PPL Electric Utility Client. I produced a variety of digital and print work. These included Billboards, Google Ads, Social Media Graphics, In-Store Signage, Brochures, Videos, Web Design, Motion Graphics, and Illustrations.​​​​​​​ Our role at ENGIE was to manage and promote the various Energy Saving programs that PPL offered their customers in Pennsylvania.
PPL's Request for Proposal
I was involved with designing our Customer Journey graphic that was incorporated into our RFP submission, as well as a accordion fold leave-behind for the pitch.

A 3D Render of my Customer Experience Graphic and Accordion Fold Leave Behind, designed prior to our ENGIE Rebrand

Work Samples

Designed 14 Responsive HiFi Prototype Pages for the PPL Energy Saving HUB web site

Image Editing and Graphic Design for Billboards

Graphic Design and the various sizes required for Google Ads

Image Composite and Graphic Design for Gas Station Toppers

Floor Sticker, Bulb Guide, and Aisle Violator for home improvement stores

3D Render of Homebuilders Brochure
3D Render of Homebuilders Brochure
3D Render of Home Buyers Brochure
3D Render of Home Buyers Brochure
3D Render of the New Homes Brochures

3D Render of the Home Depot Employee Flow Chart Poster I designed

Created a 9-Page 'Supplemental Material' PDF to accompany PPL's Energy Star Awards Application, as well as all of the designs that are showcased within

Flip Your Fridge
Created a variety of Social Media graphics to promote PPL's 'Flip Your Fridge' Drip Campaign.
Social Media Graphics
Additional Social Media Graphics I created for various Energy Savings programs that would accompany Posts to their channels.
Promotional Videos for Social Media
For these videos, I was involved throughout the process. This including finding video to accompany the defined message, a soundtrack that fit to match, custom illustrations and animations, and even occasionally lending my own voice for the narration.

LED Light Bulb Discounts Promotional Video

Pool Pump & AC Rebates Promotional Video

Variable-Speed Pool Pump Rebates Promotional Video

Online Home Energy Assessment Promotional Video

Refrigerator Rebates Promotional Video

Smart Thermostat Proof-of-Concept Video

Programs & Platforms Used
Adobe Photoshop for Image Editing
Adobe Illustrator for Illustrations
Adobe InDesign for Print Design
Adobe Premiere and After Effects for Motion Graphics and Video Production
Adobe Dimension  for 3D Renders
iStock for Image and Video Assets
Shutterstock Music for Video Soundtracks
Project Contributors
Rachel G. – Copywriter
Travis R. – Senior Marketing Manager
Kelly S. – Associate Creative Director

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